Aberdeen Marine Surveyors Ltd

Aberdeen Marine Surveyors Ltd


24 Hour Duty: 01224953135

Aberdeen Marine Surveyors Ltd has a core crew of skilled mariners and experienced logistics / operations personnel that are available for a wide array of consultancy. We specialise in delivering our core services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to our clients and are available on an ad-hoc basis to support any operation at short notice.

Core services:

  • On and Off Hire Surveys
  • Tank Inspection Surveys
  • Cargo Surveys
  • Tank Cleaning Supervision
  • Ship to Ship Transfers
  • MARPOL Surveys
  • General Condition Surveys
  • Product, Fuel and Water Sampling
  • Comprehensive On Hire Surveys
  • Gas Free Surveys
  • OVID / CMID and General Vessel Assurance
  • Site Safety inspections / Audits
  • Client Representative
  • Independent Verification
  • AMS - Training Division